Lattice Metals & Welding Consulting LTD. 

Welder Testing

a Calgary based welding consulting and welding/material testing firm. 

Lattice Metals & Welding Consulting Ltd. is certified by ABSA to conduct Welder Performance Qualification testing in accordance with ASME Section IX. A welder may be qualified to client specified code/standard.

Reasons to come to us for your welder testing:

  • Flexible testing schedule – the testing center is open Monday through Friday.

  • Convenient testing location - either on-site or at our facility located in Calgary, Alberta

  • Professional services - experienced ABSA certified welding examiners discuss your test requirements and test results with you.

  • Coupons are prepared before you come

  • New equipped testing facility

  • In-house mechanical testing laboratory for quick results

For more information, please contact us.