Lattice Metals & Welding Consulting LTD. 

Our experience in what we do

Having technical professionals as founders of the company, we are able to offer the best flexibility of your project schedule. We guarantee quick delivery of your qualification/testing results.

Our commitment


As professionals with extensive expertise in pressure welding industries, we are experienced with the industry codes and standards. We understand the industrial practice of shop fabrication and field installation, and we also understand the requirements from the end user and regulatory agency. This makes us a team dedicated to assisting your company or individuals to get proper qualification/certification for your projects.

a Calgary based welding consulting and welding/material testing firm. 

The foundation of the company is built around a dedicated group of individuals consisting of Professional Engineers, Certified Engineering Technologists, CWB Certified Inspectors, ABSA certified Welding Examiners and support staff.

Always in touch 

As your consulting company, we understand the importance of staying in touch with you. A consultant with the right expert will be assigned to your project since your first phone call, and he/she will be available anytime to answer your questions.